JD Rose:

 Mentor.   Mystic. 

 Chief Ease Officer. 

A Few Facts:

I live lakeside in a small Massachusetts town with this beautiful creature.

Hi! My name is Twyla. I’m here to remind you to stop and chew the flowers.

Hi! My name is Twyla. I’m here to remind you to stop and chew the flowers.

I spent 16 years as a professional massage therapist honing my intuitive skills and exploring the healing powers of the mind-body connection.

I'm certified as a Mastery Level Coach in the Transformational Coaching Method™.  which is simply a fancy way of saying that I'm exceptionally skilled at helping you dismantle limiting beliefs and behaviors that are preventing you from experiencing more joy, freedom and ease in your life.

My exploration of the Tarot began at the tender age of 12. There was a lot to learn and every day I'm still learning.

I Believe:

I believe that freedom is your birthright – your natural state of being.

I believe that you are whole, complete & enough.

I believe that your challenges are your greatest gifts.

I believe in laughter – and lots of it!

I believe in the power of intuition.

I believe  it’s your time to shine!

Welcome, Wise Woman! Pull up a chair. Let's talk about the table...

The table is where we come together and BECOME together.
Women throughout history and across cultures have gathered at some version of the kitchen table to nourish and support each other. It is a sacred space where the Wise Woman can be seen, heard and held by her community.

The table is a personal symbol.
I've always held a sacred container for my clients at some type of table – a massage table, a tarot table, my dining room table. It is where I show up in service to other Wise Women who are ready to clarify their vision, amplify their voice and honor their value.

The table is a lapidary term.
It is said that when you look through the table of a gemstone you can see into the 'soul of the stone' - into its depths, into its brilliance, into its magic.

YOUR depths. YOUR brilliance. YOUR magic. That's what I'm committed to helping you explore, embrace & express.