“I feel so empowered and more connected to the energy in me and around me. You really helped me make an amazing breakthrough!” - Kristen D.

“JD is a phenomenal coach. She was caring, sensitive, a great listener, really "got" me and where I was coming from, guided me through a process with compassion and respect... I had some amazing insights and breakthroughs. I am very grateful and blown away!” - Alyssa A.

"My time with JD was incredibly helpful because it allowed me to easily see what was most important, not only to my business but also for having more fun with life in general. I felt very clear, validated, and motivated by the end of our call."  – Janna H.

"I left our call feeling so clear and I felt like I had a strong sense of what I needed to do next to move forward. It was amazing how JD was able to zero in on something I said and use the cards to provide so much clarity for me!  I had my husband listen to the recording so he could understand my enthusiasm. He was pretty shocked at how ‘dead on’ the session seemed to be for me." - Angie J.

“It was witchy and magical. Your talent was so natural and big and generous. I received healing! For real.” - Max D.

“Oh my! JD helped me to open up to new ways to think on self doubt and negative thoughts. I felt so wonderful after our call.” - Sheryl B.

"Some coaches are all skill and strategy, but are lacking a compassionate and intuitive touch. Some are all spirit and mysticism, but lack grounded, practical roots.  JD is both and more: that rare blend of finely tuned technique, and precise intuition. Pragmatic intellect meets soulful wisdom. I’ve encountered very few coaches who are as masterful at the art of transformation as JD.  If you’re looking for a “Coach’s Coach”, this lady is the real deal."  – Adreanna L.

"I loved my tarot reading with JD!  I’m truly impressed with the way she blends masterful coaching techniques with her readings, which makes her sessions practical and powerful. By the end of the session, my next steps were clear. It was a great experience!"  – Zara S.

"What came up in the cards made perfect sense. Your passion and skills are so profound, JD  Thank you!"  – Paula S.

“Working with JD is like coming home to yourself. She holds you in such a loving, gentle, yet strong place where you can relax and you know she won’t let you go, but she’ll help you grow.” - Sarah C.

"Working with JD, was like a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. Her approach helped me to be calm and to be more accepting of myself. She guided me to have a sense of clarity and hope that I would never have achieved on my own. Thank you JD for guiding me so I could see the light of possibility. " - Stacy S.

“You helped me begin the journey to become the woman I really want to be - strong and independent, joyful and open, patient and enthusiastic!” - Sarah L.

“JD is a powerful coach with incredible intuition. I’m extremely grateful!” - Sarah B.

“This was a very powerful session for me, and helped clarify what I need to do next in my journey ... THANK YOU!” - Shawna B.